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  • From May 4 to May 15, 2023, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Professor of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University Salikova N.S. and Senior Lecturer, MES Urazbayeva S.E. completed a scientific internship...
  • 2023 жылғы 4-15 мамыр аралығында профессор, А.Мырзахметов атындағы Көкшетау университетінің а.ш. ғ. к. Саликова Н. С. және аға оқытушы, М. Е. Н. Уразбаева С. Е. Валенсия Политехникалық...
  • С 4 по 15 мая 2023 года профессор, к.х.н. Кокшетауского университета имени А.Мырзахметова Саликова Н.С. и ст. преподаватель, м.е.н Уразбаева С.Е. прошли научную стажировку в Institute of Water and...
  • For the purpose of career guidance, on May 23, 2023, the department of "Jurisprudence" of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University organized an event with the invitation of graduates of the higher...
  • Кәсіптік бағдар беру мақсатында 23.05.2023 жылы А.Мырзахметов атындағы Көкшетау университетінің "Құқықтану" кафедрасы "Арна"жоғары колледжінің түлектерін шақырумен іс-шара ұйымдастырды. Қонақтарға...
  • С целью профориентации 23.05.2023 года  кафедрой «Юриспруденция» Кокшетауского университета имени А. Мырзахметова  было организовано мероприятие с приглашением выпускников высшего колледжа «Арна»....

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29.05.2023 - 09:43
From May 4 to May 15, 2023, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Professor of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau...
25.05.2023 - 17:46
For the purpose of career guidance, on May 23, 2023, the department of "Jurisprudence" of A....
25.05.2023 - 17:42
On May 18, 2023, Salikova N.S., Deputy Vice-Rector for Human Resources and International Relations...
25.05.2023 - 17:38
On May 22, 2023, the Department of Tourism, Basic Military Training, Physical Culture and Sports of...


Shortly about us
Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University - is a higher educational institution of a new formation providing high-quality educational services according to requirements of internal commerce and the international standards.
In 2005 the German company “TUVCERTTUVThuringene. V” issued the university with a certificate of quality, and in 2008 the certificate of the JSC "National Center of Examination and Certification" of the West Kazakhstan OPS branch was authorized.
In 2005 the university received "A Gold Medal of Quality of Education" (Switzerland, Geneva); In 2010 the university signed the Great Charter of the Universities - the joint Bologna declaration in Italy. There were 20 other higher education institutions from Kazakhstan.
The main mission of the university
Is to train competitive experts for the northern region through modernization, and the development of corporate culture according to the prudent social policies.

AMKU has

More than 20 000 graduates

More than 200 teachers

The Certificate of Quality

Achievements of the University



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The university cooperates with 9 foreign countries and 11 higher education institutions of Russia

There are 43 prize-winners of the international competition of scientific – research works among student's and master's students in 2015 Annual employment of university graduates is 93%


International scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan