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Dear colleagues!

Thank you for participating in the conference " the Future of social and human Sciences in a world dominated by technology”, organized by the Central Kazakhstan Academy and the European representation of the Central Kazakhstan Academy-Modern Education & Research Institute!
You can download the conference materials using this link.
This link contains a video recording of the lecture.
The lecture report can be found here.
Participants of the conference who are members of the Modern Education and Research Institute are granted a certificate of 4 academic hours. You can join the MERI academic community by filling out the registration form
We wish you success and look forward to our next open events!



A series of international webinars, «The mosaic of success»

A series of international webinars, «The mosaic of success» 09.06.2020

A series of international webinars, «The mosaic of success» 16.06.2020

The role of artificial intelligence in higher education

We invite you to take part in the international multidisciplinary scientific conference