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Constitution is a guarantee of stability and prosperity

Senior Lecturer of the Department "Jurisprudence" of

Kokshetau A.Myrzakhmetov University Musipova D.M.

For all Kazakhstan citizens, the Constitution is the main law of the country. From the day of adoption of the Constitution, Kazakhstan has reached great heights in socio-economic, cultural, legal development, which many countries do not have, we are proud of it.

As the Head of the State emphasized, the Constitution is a source of state power, from the day the Constitution was adopted, Kazakhstan entered a new era of its development. The referendum held during the adoption of the Constitution is a historical event, and the Constitution has become a socially important document.

The Constitution, which begins with the words “We, the people of Kazakhstan, united by a common historical destiny, building statehood in the ancestral Kazakh land, conscious of themselves as a peaceful civil society, committed to the ideals of freedom, equality and harmony, wanting to take their rightful place in the world community, realizing their high responsibility before current and future generations, on the basis of our sovereign right, we adopt this Constitution ”, obliges us to build a new, fair, modernized, legal state in.

At the dawn of independence, in a short period of time, 2 Constitutions have been adopted in our country. Adopted in 1993, the Constitution, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, went into a historical past, and this was quite expected. The country was looking forward to big political, economic, social changes that needed to be reflected in the Constitution.

As T. Jefferson noted, "The will of the people is the only legitimate basis of any government, and the protection of its free expression must be our first goal." Today we adhere to these foundations in the development of our state.

For the formation of the new Constitution, domestic scientists, lawyers, social scientists, and experts were invited, who began a very important work. For a short period of time, the Constitutions of foreign countries were analyzed, the best experience of which found a place in the Constitution of Kazakhstan. During the discussion of the main document of the country, about 30 thousand recommendations were received, 1,100 corrections were made. Taking into account the recommendations of the citizens of the country, 55 changes and additions were made to 98 articles. As a result, our Constitution was adopted at a national referendum.

Today, thanks to the enshrined Constitutional principles, we were able to create a modern, dynamically developing state, ensured peace and social harmony.

We carried out significant constitutional and political reforms, achieved increase of international authority of Kazakhstan and strengthening of its geopolitical role in the region. The country has established itself as a sought-after international partner in addressing regional and global issues. Kazakhstan became the first state among the countries of the CIS and Central Asia, which was chosen by the world community for the international exhibition EXPO-2017.

We have built a new capital - Astana, which has become the financial, business, innovative and cultural center of the Eurasian region.

The population of the country exceeded 18 million people, life expectancy reached 72.5 years.

 Over the past 20 years, foreign direct investment in the amount of 300 billion US dollars has been attracted to the country.

Small and medium-sized businesses are developing, which form the basis of economic prosperity. In the business ranking of the World Bank, Kazakhstan rose to the 36th place among 190 countries.

In 2014, the implementation of the Nurly Zhol comprehensive program aimed at modernizing the country's infrastructure was launched in our country, the Plan of the Nation “100 Concrete Steps” was announced, then proceeded to the Third Modernization of the country. Its main task is to form a new model of economic growth that will ensure Kazakhstan’s global competitiveness.

Our strategic goal is to become one of 30 developed countries with a solid constitution by 2050.