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The main thing is training.

For graduates ofKokshetau University named after A. MyrzakhmetovUniversity management organized a "job Fair". The main purpose of this event is to enhance the employability of those students who will receive their diplomas in 2017. To get acquainted with future professionals was a large number of employers, among them Gamazov Valery Georgievich - Deputy head of PI "Department of education of Akmola region". Valery Georgievich has shared with us his opinion about this event.

- What are Your impressions about current “vacancies fair”?

- A job fair is a very effective form, which allowed to meet the graduates and those who are looking for a professional, i.e. employers. I see that the current fair brought together a large circle of employers and graduates, who were able, albeit briefly, to present your skills. I liked the fact that the guys have already had practice in rural schools and were able to show themselves. If there are vacancies in these schools they can be invited to work.

- What three factors do you primarily look for when hiring graduates?

- The main thing is training. The graduate should know the subject of their work. It is, first and foremost. Also, of course, teaching methods to adapt to the team in the first year of operation. We have a mentoring system. Each young professional the school leader establishes an experienced teacher, the opportunity is working more closely with him.

You can refer to other teachers, but are directly assigned a mentor – this is the specialist who will provide assistance and support. Another important factor is the ability to communicate, as in the children's team and the team of teachers. Not less important point – the ability to work with parents. Because any teacher the ability to work only with children will not produce much result. As for personal qualities, it is primarily optimistic. From the teacher should come optimism. Children need to recharge your optimistic attitude, a positive perception of everything new.

Despondency and pessimism needs to step aside. An experienced teacher should be able to hide these qualities, they are not for children. Then desire to master his subject will be effective.

- What do You expect from University graduates?

- First of all, I think that graduates of pedagogical specialties in addition to the optimism you need to have a great deal of patience. The first difficulty will certainly be. But they should not turn away from the profession. You need to try. There is an opinion that if within three years the specialist, who came in pedagogy, working with desire, he will stay in this profession forever. These early years is very revealing. There will be difficulties, but realizing the high mission of this profession, you need to deal with them. Because this is a profession which gives a person, in addition to material goods, a great emotional enthusiasm. The gratitude of the students is worth a lot and not measured by any monetary means.

- Your wishes to future professionals?

- Of course, I wish all graduates settled in their specialty. Also, I have to say, do not be afraid of innovations. There is an opinion that educational activities are conservative, but it's not. There are a lot of changes. The young person must be receptive to everything new. Teaching allows a person to work in different areas. Of course, the main purpose is working with children, but life can be that he'll have to go for administrative work or public service. I want to graduate everywhere to keep the reputation of their native alma mater, which gave him a good training.

Press center of Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov thanks Valery Georgievich forthe interesting conversation and wishes him further professional success!


The interview was prepared and conducted

by Alexandra Krylova