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«On measures to ensure employment and employment of young people in 2018-2019»

Employment of University graduates is not only a problem of graduates, but also a problem of higher education institutions. Each UNIVERSITY is subject to two markets: the market for educational services and the labor market for specialists, whose work is closely interrelated. Therefore, increasing the guarantee of employment after education is an important competitive advantage of the University in the market of educational services, attracting more applicants. This is especially important in recent years, when the number of commercial educational institutions has increased significantly. In such circumstances, we need to constantly analyze the demand for certain specialties and forecast changes in demand for them, which will allow us to flexibly change our training policy. The University has developed a number of measures to ensure employment and employment of young people:

In 2019 were signed memoranda between the University and state, "Department of emergency Akmola region," KSU "school №14",KSU "school-gymnasium №1" RSU "Department of Committee on regulation of natural monopolies, protection of competition and consumers rights Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan in Akmola region," the Department of state revenue.

In order to ensure direct contact between University graduates and employers, "job Fairs"are held at least once a year. Students and graduates are consulted on self-presentation, career guidance, and information about the state of the labor market.

An assessment of the work of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University in promoting the employment of graduates can be considered as an indicator of monitoring employment taking into account the data of the gtsp. So according to the gtsvp, the share of employed graduates is 84.9%. Thus, in order to further improve the system of employment and reduce youth unemployment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive work on training personnel to form their practical skills in their chosen specialty. Implement a system of planning of training, both in the context of specialties, and level of education considering the features and structure of the national economy, active use of advanced foreign experience on employment and reduce unemployment of young people and strengthening the role of public-private partnership in training and youth employment".