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Patriotic education is an important part of the future of the country

Patriotism is manifested in the actions and activities of each person. Originating from the love of their “small Motherland”, patriotic feelings, having gone through a number of stages on the way to their maturity, rise to a nationwide patriotic self-consciousness, to a conscious love of their Fatherland.

    On October 23, first-year students of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering met with members of the School of Patriotic Education at Kokshetau A. Myrzahmetov University. The guests were met by the dean of the IEF Temerbekova A.A. and students. The guests got acquainted with the book exhibition “Patriotic education is a guarantee of patriotism ” - “Patriotic education is the key to patriotism” prepared by the staff of the University library. The students got acquainted with the works of Abuev K.К .: “Кokshetau” historical essays, “Nawan Haziret”, “Chokan Valikhanov and his contemporaries”; with the book of I.T. Taskar"My life is a Lullaby".

  Our guests were: Abuyev Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of History and Social Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, writer, author of the books “Contemporaries of Abylay and Descendants”, “Sh. Ualihanov and His Contemporaries”; Taskar Iran Taskarauly - akyn, songwriter, folk composer, winner of the Republican aytys of akyns "New century-new songs", winner of the republican show "The earth blossoms with blessing"; Tolegul Gosman Tolegulovich - a writer, translator, journalist, currently the head of  the War and Labor Veterans Council of the Akmola region, his name is recorded in the Book of Honor of the State Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

     Iran Tuskarauly sang a Kazakh kyui on a dombra, and when asked by students about what inspired him to write his own songs and poems, he answered that he always loved works by Akan-seri, Birzhan sala and Үkіliі Ybyrai, performed them at toy and concerts. Our akyns-countrymen had a great influence on his work.

Kadyrzhan Kabidenovich in his conversation with students told about Abylai Khan, advised students to be interested in the history of his native land.

 Since 2004, Gosman Tolegulovich has served as the head of the department for the development of languages ​​in the Akmola region, therefore he spoke about the transition to the Latin alphabet, the need to speak Kazakh, Russian and English to young people, and explained what modern youth should be trained to solve.

 The meeting was informative for students and, I think, will leave its trace in the soul of everyone present.