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Preparing for EEEA

1. For passing test you should download EasyTest.rar archive with the EasyTest program (to save on a disk C:) from the website www.kuam.kz . If the archive was downloaded in other folder, after saving archive copy it on a disk C:

The direct reference on downloading is http://www.kuam.kz/files/EasyTest.rar (it is possible to copy and insert into an address line of the browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.))

2. To derive contents of archive on a disk C: For this purpose right-click on archive and select the item "derive files", click OK.

3.The Kazwork, Kazwin or similar programs shall be installed (if the program is not installed, then specific Kazakh letters will be incorrectly displayed, but the program will work) for students who study in Kazakh.


4. Open the EasyTest folder (on a disk C:) and to launch the EasyTest.exe file (or EasyTest).


5. Press the "Test" button.


6. In the field "Search of a Subject" to print the first letters of a subject necessary to you,


at the left select from the list the subject required to you by mouse.


7. Press the "To start Test" button


and to wait so far to appear the following window.


8. Enter a first name, a surname, a middle name and to press the "write" button.


Main window of the program



9. The buttons "Forward", "Back" move on all questions of the test. If you want to mark the correct answer you should click a mouse opposite to number of the correct answer.



10. For completion of testing press the "Complete" button,


the result of your testing will be the first in the list of results.


11. If you want to output from the program you should press the "Output" button.



In case of program hangup you should call windows task manager the Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc keyboard shortcuts. Further in a processes tab find EasyTest line , right-click on it and select the item "finish process".


  • In case of an error with the advent of a window

             "Error loading midas.dll" is necessary:

    To copy the midas.dll file which is in the EasyTest folder

       in the с:\windows\system32 folder

    To press "Start- Execute" and enter the regsvr32 midas.dll command

    If you have any questions you can call in working hours (from 9:00 till 18:00)

    8 (7162) 254259 additional 123.