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On the 29th of March, 2019 the meeting of the scientific community of postgraduates and students was held at the Department of foreign languages and translation major. The meeting was attended by the teacher of English, the teacher – researcher of the secondary school-gymnasium №1 Glukharyeva Yelena Ivanovna and her pupil, Margarita Suyundykova. Margarita is the pupil of the 10th grade and is already interested in research work. She prepared a report on her project work “Kinesics as an element of successful communication between a teacher and a student in the educational discourse of the school”, which was listened by the audience of teachers, students and postgraduates with great attention and interest. Margarita orients herself with her research. She answered all the questions from the audience of students and lecturers.

The 4th year students Chubarova Viktoriya, Kuchupayeva Aliya, Kaziden Alikhan, Yeskan Zhazira, who presented the results of their research on methods of teaching foreign languages and theory of language asked many questions.

The students presented the results of their research in presentations, it was obvious that they are knowledgeable about the theoretical material, methodology of scientific research. Each of them conducted an experiment, the results of which were presented in diagrams and tables.

Nurzhauar Adilbek, a postgraduate, shared the results of his research on the problems of translation of children’s fiction.

The lecturers of the Department F. A. Batayeva, candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor, Astafyeva A.A., master with a specialization in «Foreign language: two foreign languages», Ali R. U., doctoral student of the Department of social and pedagogical disciplines, Fomenko T. M., Glukharyeva Ye. I., teacher-researcher of school №1 of Kokshetau noted the relevance of the thesis and their importance for each young researcher, for their further professional activities.

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Zhumagulova N. S., candidate of pedagogical sciences,

associate Professor, head of the Department of

foreign languages and translation major of

KU named after A. Myrzakhmetov