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Socially-living conditions of accommodation in the Students House


With the participation of the Akim of the Akmola region, Sergey Vitalievich Kulagin, in December last year, the solemn opening ceremony of the "Students' House" of the Kokshetau University was held. Abai Myrzakhmetov, who congratulated the management and staff of our university with such a significant event in the life of students and faculty. The student house is a new social facility built at the expense of the university's own resources. Akim of the city appreciated the quality improvement of the territory, interior decoration and filling the building: modern kitchens, study rooms, medical sector.

 To date, we have an excellent result - a new 5-storey building with a wonderful alley, modern interior, interior order and a well-maintained exterior view of the building. I would like to add that this is a very solid object for the construction of which a lot of money has been spent. Here there are all conditions for comfortable living of children.

The social and living conditions of students living in a hostel are kept under the constant supervision of the university's management. Our university provides all the favorable conditions for comfortable living of students and a high level of service.

The university makes every effort to ensure that students as soon as possible are accustomed to the new conditions, fully focused on the educational process, comprehensively developed their scientific and creative abilities, and therefore provides them with safe and most comfortable living conditions.

 The "Students' House" is located on the territory of the university and is designed for 240 places. The rooms are fully equipped with everything you need. Each student is provided with: a bed, a wardrobe - a wardrobe, a bedside table, bedding.

The "Student House" strictly adheres to the admission regime. The building is under round-the-clock security guards, installed and installed surveillance cameras indoors and in the surrounding area.

 Without failures, a throughput system functions. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in order to ensure reliable safety of students' residence, the building of the hostel is equipped with a fire safety system, fire extinguishers and an evacuation plan. All students living in the dormitory undergo mandatory safety instruction.

Every day, the curators and members of the student council are on duty in the "House of Students". While on duty, individual conversations are held with resident students on the issues of safety of the material and technical base, observance of cleanliness and order, discipline and prevention of offenses.

According to the verbal order of the rector on each floor of the Students' House, those responsible for the safety of the material and technical base, discipline, order and prevention of delinquencies of the deans of the departments were appointed. On the second floor, the dean of the humanitarian and pedagogical faculty Sharipov Gulmira Erdenovna, on the 3rd floor Dean of the Engineering and Environmental Faculty Sharipova Anar Eslambekovna, on the 4th floor of the dean of the Faculty of Economics Alkenova Maral Mauievna and the Faculty of Law Tyurina Tatyana Alexandrovna. Accordingly, weekly on Wednesdays, deans and curators hold meetings with students.

Understanding the importance of the issue of improving the student hostel, the university administration pays maximum attention to it. In the lobby of the building on the ground floor there are aesthetically decorated information stands, with state symbols and the assets of the Student Council. In the future, information stands will be placed on each floor.

Great attention in the university and directly in the hostel is paid to sports and a healthy lifestyle. On the ground floor of the Students' House there is a choreography hall where rehearsals to the events are actively held, as well as a recording studio where rehearsals take place on the vocal.

 The hostel has all the conditions for living, studying and relaxing, such as rehearsal classes for music, instrumental and theater studios, gym rooms and sports, recreation rooms and much more. Particular attention in the House of Students is given to the creation in the hostel of conditions for preparation for studies. On each floor there are rooms for preparation for classes. For the purpose of organizing leisure for students, there is a rest room equipped with furniture and a TV for comfortable pastime. Also, tennis tables were purchased, where the guys in their spare time organize competitions. The management of the University plans to open a massage room, a gym with specialized equipment.

On each floor there are bathrooms with new plumbing fixtures. The kitchens are equipped with all necessary household appliances, kitchen utensils, are spacious and comfortable.

On the ground floor there are special rooms (laundry) for washing, rooms for drying and ironing linen. Laundry, equipped with professional household equipment. Bed linen is changed every 10 days. Dryer, ironing are equipped with all necessary household appliances. Household rooms also help students easily and quickly organize their everyday life in a new place. Comfortable shower cabins function. There is a schedule for visiting the shower, which is strictly controlled by the commandant of the hostel.

On each floor there are hygiene rooms equipped with all necessary equipment. In them students observe strict order and cleanliness.

On the ground floor is the office of the commandant, who monitors the observance of cleanliness and order, as well as discipline in the Students' House. There are 2 cold rooms for storage of food in the cabinet. On the same floor there is a medical center equipped with the necessary medical supplies for first aid.

 To represent the interests of students from the number of students living in the Students 'House, a public organization of students is established - the Student Council of the Students' House, which carries out its activities in accordance with these Regulations.

           Student council hostel represents the interests of students, coordinates the activity of the stewards of the floors, sections, organizes the work on attracting those who are living to perform socially useful works in the hostel (cleaning and repair of living rooms, minor furniture repairs, subbotniks, etc.) and in the adjacent territory, organizes carrying out cultural and mass work with them.

       From among the enterprising, active students on each floor, the elder of the floor, the deputy head of the floor, the head of the room, the sanitary sector were elected. The headman and the sanitary sector together with the medical worker of the dwelling (floor, room) monitors the careful attitude of the people living in the room, keeping the room (floor) clean and tidy, timely disposal of garbage.

      The head of the living quarters (floor, room) in his work is guided by the internal regulations of the students and the rules of residence in the Students' House, as well as the decisions of the Student Council and the hostel management, adopted in accordance with the established procedure.

Members of the Student Council work closely with the staff of the educational department, deans, curators, through meetings in the Students' House (weekly on Wednesdays, according to the approved work plan).

The Chairperson of the Student Council makes a weekly schedule for the duties in the room and in the kitchen, according to which daily wet cleaning of public premises and general cleaning of the rooms are carried out.

All students living in the House before the settlement pass mandatory instruction on the rules of residence and the code of conduct in the Students' House.

The atmosphere of psychological comfort, creativity, cooperation of students is created in our Students' House, which contributes to the successful, all-round development of each of them, their socialization and self-realization.