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Specialized accreditation

On the 4-5the of March 2019 Independent Agency of accreditation and rating (IAAR) carries out the procedure of the specialized accreditation according to the following educational curricular:


  1. 5В010100 “Preschool Training and Education”;
  2. 5В010200 “Pedagogy and Methodology in Primary School”;
  3. 5В010400 “Basic Military Training”;
  4. 5В011100 “Informatics”;
  5. 5В011900 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”;
  6. 5В020700 “Translation Studies”;
  7. 5В030100 “Jurisprudence”;
  8. 5В042100 “Design”;
  9. 5В050800 “Accounting and Audit”;
  10. 5В050900 “Finance”;
  11. 5В051000 “State and Local Administration”;
  12. 5В070300 “Information Systems”;
  13. 5В090200 “Tourism”;
  14. 5В090500 “Social Work”.
  15. 5В090600 “Cultural and Recreational Work”;
  16. 6М010200 “Pedagogy and Methodology in Primary School”;
  17. 6М020700 “Translation Studies”;
  18. 6М030100 “Jurisprudence”;
  19. 6М050800 “Accounting and Audit»;
  20. 6М050900 “Finance”;
  21. 6М051000 “State and Local Administration”;
  22. 6М070300 “Information Systems”;
  23. 6М090200 “Tourism”;
  24. 6М011400 “History”;
  25. 6D050900 “Finance”.