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          On September 18, 2019, Health Day was held at the University Square. The sport festival was organized and conducted by teachers of physical education: Kopeikina G.I., Krutov V.N., Schavinsky V.I., Aryakhova I.E., KhoroshevA.Yu., Competitions were judged by associate professor Kopeikina G.I. and curators of the Faculty of Economics Musina S.M., Adamova S.D. The program was compiled and developed taking into account the material covered in physical education classes: relay races with and without objects, relay races with elements of athletics, basketball, football. In the final part of the holiday, a flash mob was held.

          In our educational institution, much attention is paid to extracurricular work with students in physical education and sports, andHealth Day is a traditional holiday dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

         On the eve of the competition, participants and fans gather in the square. Everyone is excited. Everyone wants to win. Teams are dressed in uniform T-shirts, each with its own color. A signal is given to start the competition and the teams take their places.

Relays replace one another and become more difficult. The final competition decides the outcome of the whole struggle. Judges announce preliminary results. Five minutes later, a very beautiful dance competition begins. Students show great creativity, showing synchronism, artistry, mass character. Earned competition score points are added to the results of sports competitions. As a result, the first place is the Faculty of Law, the second is the Faculty of Economics, and the third is the Faculty of Environmental Engineering.


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The head of the Physical Education Inter-faculty

G. Kopeikina