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Due to the expansion of specialties A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University announces a competition on replacement of vacancies of professors, associate professors (doctors and candidates of science, PhD), masters, the senior teachers on law, economic, pedagogical, psychological, language, technical and physical-mathematical (the organization of transportations, the movements, operation of transport, information systems, informatics), social and humanitarian, natural-science, art (design, cultural and leisure work) disciplines and also on specialties "Physical Culture and Sport" and "Initial Military Preparation". High payment. The office apartment is provided to nonresident doctors, candidates of science, doctors of PhD. A term of applications for a competition of vacancies is no later than one month from the date of publication of the announcement. Ph. 25-42-59.

Teachers with experience of educational work, teachers of specialties "Design of Clothes", "Physical culture and sport", "Initial Military Preparation", "Physics", "Foreign language" (English) are required. Payment is high, stable. Ph. 25-42-59.

The systems engineer, the accountant are required. Stable payment. Ph. 25-42-59.

Educational work teachers are required. Stable payment. Ph. 25-42-59.